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Who We Are

Silver-Tongued is an annual award-winning Literary Arts and Feature publication. It showcases original works from the young artists of East Chapel Hill High School. The magazine itself is entirely run, produced and published by a cohort of passionate students from East.

A group of dedicated Editors receive submissions of poetry, prose, photography & artwork over the course of the school year. The best submissions are then compiled into a professionally printed magazine at the end of the year.


At its start, the magazine was produced from a class. Eventually it was forced to go to a club format, and even that died out in 2015.
A small group of ardent students revived the club in 2018, and it has since grown to be well-known, distributing hundreds of copies each year and hosting an annual Poetry Slam. 

Silver-tongued strives to reflect the immense talents of our student body by maintaining the highest quality of artistry. We aim to showcase the creativity, diversity, and perspectives of students at East Chapel Hill High through writing and art. With that in mind, the magazine does not reflect the views or ideas of the East Chapel Hill High School faculty, staff or administration.


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Our 2022 theme is "Changing Seasons"